WWCC 2024 Schedule


WWCC combat events are normally scheduled every other month, except for special events. In between combat events, we hold maneuvering events or build sessions at one of our members' homes. See schedule below. Any interested person is welcome to attend any of our events.

For Guests And Visitors: Safety Goggles are absolutely required. Also, we recommend that you wear long pants and long sleeves to protect against stray bb shots. Attend at your own risk!

When What Where
April 28, 2024 Pond Clean Up Day, Gunnery & Maneuvering Joe's Pond
May 26, 2024 Gunnery, Maneuvering and Combat Joe's Pond
June 30, 2024 Combat Joe's Pond
July 14, 2024 Combat Joe's Pond
August 17 and 18, 2024 Gunnery, Maneuvering, Campaign Game night Combat, and Combat Joe's Pond
September 22, 2024 Combat Joe's Pond
October 12 and 13, 2024 Gunnery Maneuvering, Night Combat.(4-15 min battles Limited supplies depending on transport runs) Joe's Pond
November 10, 2024 Combat end of year Joe's Pond
December, 2024 Holidays
No Events Scheduled
January, 2025 Annual Fleet Meet & Awards Banquet San Jose (Venue TBD)

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